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The Top 1%: The Evidence Based Path to Leadership and High-Performance Success online course contains 7 modules that will provide you with the tools and strategies to avoid stagnation and have you confidently on your way to The Top 1%.

In the 7 modules of specifically curated content, you will experience:

  • immediate spiritual growth
  • extreme drive and focus
  • a deep sense of meaning and contribution to the world
  • deeper relationships
  • inner peace
  • increased income
  • implementation exercises
  • opportunity to apply to become a guest on the Top 1% Podcast
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The results and positive outcomes that emerge when you implement this process are Specific and Guaranteed.

This Course will lead you to Your Top 1%

Personal Optimization

Your newly developed and sustainable growth mindset will lead to increase in income, advancement in your career, depth in your relationships, and clarity in your priorities.

Personal Growth

Feel confident in your unique gifts, talents, resources, and connections, and grow in ways you never thought possible.

Personal Fulfillment

You will know with conviction the kind of contributions you want to make in the world, leading to fulfillment in every area of your life.

"Trevor knows first-hand what it takes to chase down a dream and catch it. And the measure of his character indicates that he wants to help people do the same."

- Charles Brandon Wagoner PE

"Trevor is a powerful leader, speaker, and podcaster. I've seen the impact he makes on professionals and early-stage entrepreneurs. He's a true mentor who offers actionable guidance AND true wisdom. Thanks for being such an example, Trevor!"

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-Chris Widener, Author of The Art of Influence

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